Personal Narrative: Throwing The Hot Sauce

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Throwing the Hot Sauce I was one of those people who sought to get revenge for everything done wrong against me. Being a student of Manalapan, in Central New Jersey, I acted like an angel in school. Yet, when I stepped off the yellow bus and let go of the burden on my shoulders, I became a devil. The emotional aggravation I sustained on a daily basis in school was a subset to more conflicts, which should have been maintained at an individual level rather than at impersonal level. And my forthcoming actions would undermine traditional expectations of well-educated students in their home environment with the reality I brought to the table. Over the years, the mindset I had after school evolved from a vision of relaxation to a stressful…show more content…
I had a talent for fabricating random meals, but I was not in the mood to whip up anything amazing. Nevertheless, I still decided to make a special sauce to go along with my frozen food that I placed in the toaster. I approached the walk-in pantry, where my brother was scavenging for some type of snack, and I searched for ingredients to make the sauce. Acting in an annoying manner by violently tugging at the sleeve of my brand new Diesel shirt and begging me to make him food at the same time, my brother was hindering the process of finding component for the sauce. Shunning my ears from my brother’s voice, I grabbed hot sauce as the first ingredient, which was in a massive container that my father brought home earlier in the week. Ultimately, I could not avoid the annoyance of my brother and had to do something to make him go away. I jerked the hot sauce toward his face to make him flinch and assumed the lid was sealed tightly. Adversely, it was not sealed and the lid flew off. The hot sauce came out like a scorching waterfall and drenched him from head to toe. A sense of awe struck his face, yet he could not open his mouth completely because of the extreme spice from the sauce. There was a silence for nearly thirty seconds; the only thing to be heard was the ticking of the timer on the toaster. Abruptly, after processing the situation, my brother yelled mom, who…show more content…
My brother can be irritating, but when all is said and done, he is one of my best friends. By accidentally throwing the hot sauce on him, I could have made him go blind, had he not been wearing glasses. My frustration from school got the best of me and I sacrificed it by almost physically hurting my brother. Some say that it is not my fault because the lid was not on securely and whoever put it in the pantry before me should be held responsible. However, it was still my irrational actions that caused the unpleasant incident, and it essential for me to learn not to let my frustration impair my judgment and give rise to reckless incidents toward indirect subjects in the

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