Persepolis Journal Essay

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Persepolis Main Characters: Marjane Satrapi Marjane’s Grandmother Mohsen Taher Taji Satrapi Anoosh Mehri Khosro Ebi Satrapi Siamak Mali Niloufar Setting: The novel takes place in Iran during the 1970s Revolution or Islamic Revolution. This novel is about Marjane Satrapi, who started as a child in the book but grew as the years proceeded. Marjane grew up through historical times. First, the country was run by a communist. After the communist was removed, the Islamic Republic was formed, and then the war between Iraq and Iran that was fired up. Marjane grows observing these surroundings. These surroundings toughen her up. As Marjane grows up she reads more books and gets a lot of information about the history and what was going around her. Plot: Persepolis revolved around the history of Iran and the childhood of a young girl. In the 1970s, Marji (Marjane) was learning very young. The Islamic Republic was formed. Marji, at the age of ten years, was forced to wear a veil to school. Her French, Boys and Girls, school was abolished because the leaders felt it was inappropriate and against Islam to have Boys and Girls in the same school. Marjane goes through many phases. Marji starts thinking she is the last prophet and has conversations with god every night. Marji’s parents bought her many books on the history of communists and world history. Marji learns a lot from these books and reads them a lot throughout the novel when she is confused. When there is a fire at a local theatre and 400 people are killed, Marji’s parents went to demonstrations but refused Marji to go because she is too young. Many people are beginning die at the beginning of the revolution. It becomes almost impossible for the Shah to rule, so moves to the United States. After Shah stepped down from his seat, all the prisoners are released. Two of them, Mohsen and Siamak, were friends
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