Euro Disney Essay

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Euro Disney: Flaws Euro Disney was the theme park built just outside of Paris France in 1992. There are many concerns regarding the initial failure of the theme park when it opened. What was the fundamental flaw in the Euro Disney development process? One of the major flaws that Euro Disney had in the development process was taking into consideration the lifestyle of the French and the European culture. The park was more “Americanized” and had little to do with European culture. “They called the park an American cultural abomination.” (Hartley, 141) There were also three other amusement parks in the area that had failed and gone bankrupt. Being the monopoly that they are, they thought they were better than everyone else and were able to do more and get more people attracted the the park. They thought about the American version of Disney with little consideration of how the Europeans feelings/considerations. Unfortunately this was not the case, sales were down and the number of people were down based on the recession in the area. People were coming and only spending one night in the hotels rather than the projected 2-3 nights. People were purchasing less souvenirs and bringing meals from outside the park. This brought the food and merchandise sales down as well. Were there other root causes of the failure of the venture? There were numerous issues that caused Euro Disney to fail in the beginning, making the whole expedition on the verge of bankruptcy. Cultural differences, spending, and sales were the major roots for failure. How would you compare the Euro Disney fiasco with Disney’s domestic and/or other foreign entrepreneurial efforts? Euro Disney compares in the amount of time planning and the funding put into the effort. All Disney enterprises started out as ideas that became reality, in hopes of becoming the next big hit. Some
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