Informative Speech Outline: The History Of Disney World

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Disney World Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the history of Disney World. Thesis: Over the past forty years Disney has expanded and modernized their attractions to keep up with the change in time. Today I would like to talk to you about how Disney World started, how it has changed, and where it is today. Introduction I. Attention getter: “It's the happiest place on earth and has every attraction imaginable from rides and water parks to dining and shopping.” “Where am I talking about?” “Disney world of course!” “According to Henry , Disney World is the number one vacation spot in the entire world and attracts people of all different ages and cultures” (hanks). Transition: First we will look at how Disney World…show more content…
The celebration began with concerts, parades, celebrity visits, and many more thrilling activities. Some of the attractions on opening day consisted of main street, adventure land, fantasy land, frontier land and tomorrow land just to name a few. Transition: Now that I have told you about Disney’s beginning let me tell you about how it began to grow. II. How Disney changed. A. Disney’s original plan for expansion has been in action for the past forty years. Disney began by adding hotels, golf courses, and restaurants. B. In the 1970’s the first major innovation came with the addition of camp grounds, hotels, new attractions, and golf courses. C. All these new additions came under Roy Disney, who retired soon after the opening of the park. 1. After Roy retired the expansion of the park slowed down. In 1980’s Epcot began and expansion sped up. 2. Epcot opened on October 1st 1982. Epcot was a major addition to the park back then and still is a huge part today. Transition: Finally we will talk about where Disney is today. III. Where Disney is today. A. Today Disney consists of many more attractions than it began with. 1. Disney now employees over fifty two thousand cast members on which they spend over 1.1 million on pay roll annually

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