Ethics & Ethics: BP Governance, And Ethics

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Governance and Ethics BP has a series of Governances and Ethics codes which covered operating safely, responsibly and reliably; respecting and valuing our people; how they work with their partners and suppliers; protecting BP’s assets; and working with governments and communities, including their commitment to human rights. The ethic codes applied to all employees, officers and members of the board. BP expects and encourages their contractors and employees to consistently comply with the code. The company will take appropriate and immediate actions if they believe that the employees have not met the expectations or their contractors. To make sure the employees follow and comply with the company’s ethic code, BP provides their employees with…show more content…
BP had dismissed 132 employees for non-conformance with the code of conduct or unethical behaviour in 2015 (2014 157, 2013 113). This excludes dismissals of staff employed at their retail service stations. Scale-8 Education Supporting STEM education BP has been investing in education since 1968. BP education Service (BPES) was established to inspire and motivate young people to pursue a future in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM). The BPES website provides a wide range of teaching materials and resources for use by teaches. All resources are based on research; it really makes a difference in engaging young people in STEM. According to research, more than half of the UK secondary schools use BPES resources since the BPES website was launched. This education programme is launched with a clear objective, which is to inspire young people. This founding principle continues to encourage and energise every generation. The programme is actually helping the young people to gain a better understanding of how important the STEM subjects are for energy industry and for their futures. BP’s commitment to STEM…show more content…
In response to this, BP added an online Ebola awareness presentation for staff and their families. The presentation stated the ways to identify and avoid the disease. They also issued travel warnings and updates to staff instructing them to delay all non-essential business travel to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, where Ebola has been particularly prevalent. Additionally, they have supported a number of initiatives in partnership with others, including hosting a working group meeting in September 2014 of the Association of Companies of Exploration and Production in Angola to discuss how to help manage the risks posed by Ebola in

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