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Legal & Ethical Responsibilities of an assessor As trainers, we must join with our employer to uphold a number of legal requirements. It is not only the law that says that we should do these things, but by doing them we can be sure that the service we provide to our clients will be better. The following table gives an overview of the main legal and ethical responsibilities of RTOs and trainers. After the table, we will have a look in more detail at the OHS and Workplace Relations requirements of RTOs. |Legal and Ethical Responsibilities of RTOs and Trainers | | Responsibility | Description | |Occupational Health & Safety |There are laws that require us and our managers to make sure that we provide a safe | | |work environment for staff and clients, and to make sure that we have a system in place| | |to record and report any workplace injuries. | |Anti-Discrimination |It is important that we ensure that access to training and promotion for our staff is | | |fair and equitable. This is addressed through the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. | |Equal Employment Opportunity |We have to make sure that nobody is disadvantaged just because they might have a | | |particular need. This may mean that we adjust the location, timing or content of some | | |planned training event to ensure that it will not disadvantage any individual or group | | |of employees.

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