Ethics And Moral Issues In Business

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Rhonda Floyd November 10, 2011 MGT 216 Nakisha Easley Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Is there a difference? This question is asked on a personal level to cover different situations. The biggest is the difference in ethics, morals, personal, and business ethics. Know the difference, does not always mean the person uses the knowledge to make the decisions needed to be made. With ethics and moral, there are common problems every employee must face in the company for which he or she works. Let’s start at the beginning with ethics and morals. Ethical vs. Moral Issues Ethics is the framework for making decisions about moral situations. Morals are the beliefs of a person’s perception of right and wrong. Ethics and morals in most instances can be interchanged but the words are confusing if the person does not have the right understanding. Weber (2008) states, “Morally, one can support anything, while ethically we require reason and justification for what we believe.” A person’s morals help the person decide what is ethical right or wrong. As a person has personal ethics he or she has to follow, the person also has to follow the business ethics of the company he or she works. Personal vs. Business Ethics Personal ethics is one’s mind determines what is right or wrong. Business ethics is the adherence to a professional code (Professor Barbato, 2010). A person who works for a company uses the personal ethics to make decisions and sometimes the person has to set aside personal ethics to make the same decision professionally. A business ethics can put a person in a conflicting situation personally if the person does not agree with the way the business operates but if the person wants to keep the job, he or she has to follow company guidelines. Doctors and police officers face these dilemmas on a daily basis when deciding
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