The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Assessment

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Running head: PERSONAL VALUES Personal Values Kenneth L. Winkle University of Phoenix Online Management MGT 521 Allen Sutton September 29, 2008 Personal Values As a manager, many decisions require taking into consideration the needs of the company and the concerns of the employees affected. One determining factor in making these decisions are the manager’s personal values. Each manager is different on the personal values use to evaluate the situation and decide on the proper action for the current circumstances. The ethical profile of the manager is a useful tool in determining the key factors a manager may use in his or her decision making process. The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Assessment is…show more content…
The four categories are character, obligation, results, and equity. The category with the highest score is the ethical profile for the individual unless the second score is close to the first and they are in the blended categories. Each of these categories has a focus on a different personal value that the manager can possess. In the character profile the manager believes that the individual can make moral judgments and that complying with standards is not the most ethical decision. The obligation profile focuses on the individual. A manager with an obligation ethical profile believes that the interests of the individuals are more important than the society as a whole, if the individuals lose any of their entitlements. Focusing on the majority is a characteristic of the results profile. In this profile, the manager will try to accommodate the majority of people with measureable results. The final category is equity. The decisions of a manager with an equity profile will change with the environment. The standards are not clear cut and the manager looks at the future impact of a decision not in the short run. Looking at the everyday values, a manager can see how they relate to the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Assessment and their daily…show more content…
The strong trust of the employees will allow each of the employees to develop within the company and allow the work environment to remain relaxed even as the company grows and expands. As the employees develop the customers will notice the character of the business. This will help to expand and maintain the customer base ensuring the success of the company if a competitor opens a similar store in the same area. The beliefs shares by the manager and Kudler Fine Foods will prove to be an asset for the manager and the company’s future performance. The personal values of the manager will affect his or her decisions and leadership style. Using a tool like the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Assessment will give the manager an idea of his or her ethical profile and allow then to see if they match the ethics of the company. Using the profile the manager can better serve the company by applying his or her values in an area that may need their

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