Ethical Issues With Dementia Essay

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Carers of people with dementia need more support and advice to tackle the difficult ethical dilemmas that they face on a daily basis, says the Nuffield Council on Bioethics in a major report today. The report sets out an ethical approach to dealing with these dilemmas, and makes policy recommendations aimed at improving the lives of people with dementia and their carers. Professor Tony Hope, chair of the Working Party that produced the report and a psychiatrist with many years of experience of working with people with dementia said: “I know from the families I talk to that it is often the little things that are the most distressing. For example, one lady we spoke to had to lie to her husband to get him to the day care centre, which…show more content…
See Appendix 1 of the report for more details of the method of working. The Working Party’s conclusions and recommendation are published today in the report Dementia: ethical issues. 3. The report Copies of the report Dementia: ethical issues will be available to download on from the Council’s website from Thursday 1st October 2009. 4. Video footage We have some footage of an Alzheimer Café event in Farnborough available on request for use by journalists. This includes interviews with carers and people with dementia. 5. Useful contacts for case studies or spokespeople Alzheimer Café Kandy Redwood, co-founder of the first UK Alzheimer Café, in Farnborough Tel: 01252 796223 Mob: 07947 272757 Email: Admiral Nurses/Uniting Carers for dementia Rhonda Smith/Marc Catchpole, Minerva PRC Tel: 01264

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