Reflective Management Essay

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Reflective Account of supervised management placement.
The student nurse hopes with this assignment to allow the reader an insight into my experience during my management placement within a busy rehabilitation ward in Wishaw General. With the guidance and supervision of my mentor I participated in all areas of running a busy rehab ward. The student nurse will reflect on health promotion issues as this stood out to me in several areas, The student nurse discovered that although we can nurse a patient back to health it is so important to make the patient aware of how necessary it is for them to participate in their care by adhering to what is recommended to them by various members of the Multidisciplinary Team and the devastating consequences that the patient can encounter if advice is ignored.
The student nurse will use the Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle, this encouraged thinking systematically about all phases of an activity. Gibbs (1988) is descriptive with regards to feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusions and action plans, therefore ideal for this assignment. Although I experienced many different aspects of care regarding health promotions this assignment will concentrate mainly on a single event that will stay with me throughout my nursing career. According to Scottish Government (2010) Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHS Scotland, nurse’s carers and people at the heart of the healthcare and care delivery services should improve conditions in NHS Scotland and the care provided, on reading this strategy I understand a nurses responsibility, but the importance of patient participation in their own care is invaluable and the cooperation and communication with the Multidisciplinary Team is essential to complete patient care package to the highest standard.
Description of the event/ what happened?
When describing the following event the
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