Kaplan Management of Care

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1. A series of in-services on team development are being held for nurse managers at a teaching hospital by the staff development department. The educator has just reviewed the concept of group process roles and identified several of them by name. One of the managers asks, “ Could you please explain what exactly is meant by the gatekeeper role?” Which of the following responses by the educator is best? The Gatekeeper ensures that everyone has an opportunity to speak. The Gatekeepers sole is to keep the channels of communication open and encouraging a facilitating communication in a group. 2. A student nurse discusses cause of malpractice suit with the instructor. The instructor should intervene if the student includes which of the following as an example of malpractice? Failure to chart within 30 minutes after a change in a patient condition. Not charting can lead to malpractice suits but is not malpractice. The nurse should chart in a timely fashion, but that does not mean 30 minutes exclusively. 3. The medical nurse reviews charting principles with newly assigned LPNs/LVNs. Which of the following should the nurse indicate is charting that reflects subjective data? “Patient states, ‘I have had pains in my stomach for three days now’.” Subjective data is information given by the client and reflects what they perceive and is charted in their own words. 4. The nurse manager delegates a task to another staff member. Which of the following includes appropriate technique to use when delegating? The nurse manager maintains contact. The nurse manager states what, how, and when a task should be preformed. When delegating the task must be defined and then there should be a determining of who should receive that task. Once someone is chosen identify what the task involves and provide clear communication about what is expected and what to do in the event

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