Enhancing Patient Safety by Reducing Medical Errors

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Enhancing Patient Safety by reducing Medical Errors I chose the topic of “Enhancing patient safety by reducing medical errors” because it is a topic that I am very interested in. No matter what area of nursing I choose to go in, patient safety is always going to be a crucial part of the healthcare system. I know that when I work with the different patients, I am going have to provide a safe quality of care, be aware of the different risk factors that can affect a patient’s safety. I understand it is going to be a challenge to keep patients safe because errors and mistakes happen every day, and they can happen at any time. I feel like my job as a nurse would be to make sure that no errors occur, and that the patient is safe at all times. When researching my topic, I learned that a lot of patients in the hospital die due to medical errors. I also learned that a lot of injuries occur among hospitalized older adults due to safety related issues. I think it’s sad that many people are being harmed and losing their life all because of something that could have been prevented. Patient safety is a huge issue that should never be overlooked. I want to learn more about this topic because patient safety is such an important factor in healthcare. No one deserves to die because of a mistake that could have been prevented. I feel like nurses have should always be aware and remain proactive in what they do and be active in activities that enhance patient safety. Enhancing patient safety also contributes to the overall success of the healthcare facility (Potter & Perry, 2013, p.370). Patient safety is a sensitive topic that I feel that must be discussed and addressed very often. The purpose of this paper is providing awareness to patient safety, and how medical errors and lack of safety can compensate patient safety. Review of Literature Patient safety is a growing concern

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