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“Since 1973 advocacy has been considered a major component of the nursing practice - politically, socially, professionally, and academically” (Sanford, n.d.). Every profession has weakness and strength. In the nursing profession, there are many weakness and strength that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis, and overcome them to succeed. In my nursing profession, I am doing a job, and I know that will receive great benefits. To achieve a high-quality life hard work, passion, motivation and dedication that are required. I love to take care of sick people with my honesty and hard work. That was the reason why I choose the nursing profession, so I can take care of a sick patient that need to get better. I am proficient of providing better care to patients and help them to get better. “In today’s dynamic and complex health care environments, safe and effective care will only be assured when health care leaders make optimal contribution to the effort” (AACN, 2006). All nurses need to take considered look at their future about the care that they have delivered to the patients.
Personal and professional accountability
There are only a few jobs which are rewarding jobs, I consider nursing a rewarding job. Every day in my life I have a constant influence on the survival of patients which have included having the chance of saving many lives of patients and I think that this is a big award for me. I always receive good feedback from the families for my best nursing care that the patient receive during hospitalization. Other strength of mine is to keep my education ongoing during my career. I know that further education lets me bring the best performance in the staff and patients care. However one of my weakness is that when the patient died under my attention, I usually think that maybe I was not very cautious to save their lives and I feel that they needed more

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