Ethel's Chocolate Lounges

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“Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future?” 1. Describe the type of consumer buying decision that best describes the choice to indulge at Ethel’s. The type of consumer buying decision to indulge at Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges would depend upon brand familiarity and/or experience with the “chocolate lounge” concept. A consumer who has never heard of, or visited a chocolate lounge, and unaware of Ethel’s connection to the Mars chocolate brand, may engage in extensive decision making before making a purchase, especially when perusing the menu and expensive prices. Once the consumer found the experience enjoyable, they could shift to limited decision making when considering the different items to purchase during their next visit, or when comparing Ethel’s to other establishments like Starbuck’s or Godiva. If the customer visits Ethel’s repeatedly, decision making could again shift to routine response behavior, if it becomes a routine part of the consumer’s daily, weekly, or monthly schedule (e.g., meeting Saturdays after shopping). 2. Discuss the factors that influence a consumer to spend money and time at Ethel’s. Many factors come into play when a consumer is considering whether the spend money and time at Ethel’s. Income level could influence financial affordability. Consumers with higher incomes would be more likely to frequent Ethel’s on a regular basis. The prices would likely limit people with lower incomes to an occasional indulgence. Gender may also be a factor in determining Ethel’s customers. While Ethel’s has both male and female customers, the pink and brown décor is clearly intended to cater to women. In my opinion, men are far more likely to accompany a female companion to Ethel’s than to choose it as the primary place to socialize with other male friends. Social class is also a significant factor. Ethel’s extensive chocolate selections are
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