Mkt 421 Phase 3 Business Plan

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Marketing Plan: Phase III MKT/421 Describe the attributes of your product or service in detail. Within the new white chocolate bar offered by Mars Co. the organization will attract more consumers to the candy company. Indeed through the process of the product lifecycle. This would revolve around advertisement and promotions. Moreover, this will meet the needs of customers and sales personnel, as well as marketing strategies to promote the new chocolate bar. A positioning factor will allow a solid plan and image that anticipates customer’s needs. However, the appropriate pricing strategy is necessary to stay in line with competitors. The chocolate bar will be accessible within price and within stores which will offer the new product. The first element of the estimating tool is it needs to be easy to access, as well as aesthetically pleasing. When a customer opens one of the white chocolate bars, it should be a unique experience. The package of white chocolate Mars bar is a red plastic packaging, and in the center has the logo of Mars. The back has a photo of chocolate beans, nuts, and nutritional value of the product. This package…show more content…
Our first stages will consist of introducing Cloud 9 into the market. This is the stage at which consumers are not aware or seeking our new product. At this time we will focus on getting the information on what Cloud 9 will offer potential buyers. During this time Mars Inc. will suffer some losses because it will take time for the introduction of our product to reach the consumers. Market Growth During the marketing growth phase of the life cycle Mars Inc. will see the sales rise and fail. As we head into making large profits our competitors will attempt to improve similar products or try to make copy the product. We will see the sales increase and slowly fail towards the end of this life cycle, and move towards what comes

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