Describe the Influence of Two Contrasting Economic Environments on Business Activities with a Selected Organisation.

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Within my selected organization, Etisalat, there are various economic environments that have an influence on business activities. Both economic environments will have a different way on affecting Etisalat. The economic environments are growth, availability cost of credit and recession. Economic growth occurs when more goods are being produced and consumed, and incomes are rising. A growth company tends to have very profitable reinvestment opportunities for its own retained earnings. Economic growth will affect Etisalat as it would increase their profits due to more people wanting more products and wanting to spend their money. As people have more money to spend on luxuries instead of the essentials it means that the higher value products will be brought. For example the Andrex toilet rolls will be brought instead of Etisalat value, because of this it means more money is being spent in the store which is an advantage for Etisalat. Recession occurs when people involved in business become more cautious and: * Customers cut back on spending, and start to save more * Manufactures and sellers cut back on their orders, produce fewer goods and start to cut back costs in general, including by laying off workers. Availability and cost of credit: People spend more when there is high demand for goods/services. In this case etisalat has the advantage of expanding their business. Many people will want to purchase numbers and different offers provided. A higher sales revenue will occur for etisalat which means the income the company receives from business activities, usually happen from sale of goods and services to customers. Etisalat will also have more opportunities to invest in upcoming projects. If the opposite occurs and etisalat has low availability and higher costs it would mean, people spend less on their goods/services which would mean there’s a low
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