Persuasive Essay: Raising The Minimum Wage

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I think we should leave the minimum wage at $8.25, because Chicago is doing fine with the current minimum wage. The mayor of Chicago (Rahm Emanuel) is raising the minimum wage from $8.25 to $13 by the year 2019. Mayer Rahm Emanuel wants to boost the minimum wage, because “The minimum wage is speaking to making sure that nobody who works raises a child in poverty,” Emanuel said. “The minimum wage…really comes down to making sure that your child does not go to school on an empty stomach (or) making sure that you don’t pick between medicine or school supplies." Even though raising the minimum wage may benefit people, it will hurt more. Cons to keeping minimum wage the same- Economic Stimulus: Raising the minimum wage means minimum wage workers have more money to spend which means more money goes throughout the economy. More opportunity for jobs: If these minimum wage employees are spending more, than businesses are earning more and need to hire more employees to keep up with the increased sales from the minimum wage employees who are buying more. Reduced Expense for Social Programs: People surviving at minimum…show more content…
Since I have no previous work experience I will basically be pulled out of the running for the job, because they would rather hirer a person that is over qualified if they are paying you $13 to work for them. Also, the increase in minimum wage affects my community, because right across the street from Norridge is Chicago. In Chicago there are a lot of small business (230,642 to be exact) and those small business may already have trouble getting by. Small businesses support nearly half of Chicago's workforce, and they are major drivers of community and economic growth in the city. So by making them pay their workers more may just make them close down. Big companies may be able to pay their employees the $13 per hour but some business might

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