Ice Fili Essay

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| Ice-Fili Case study | Strategic Marketing MBA 2014-2016 – Arie Barendregt | | Arthur Lepelaar | 10th of November 2014 | | Introduction Ice Fili is an ice cream manufacturing company establish in Russia. The company faces challenges such as maintaining market share over foreign competitors or regional producers. Next to this the question is how to attract new talent to thrive in an open market economy. Throughout this paper you will be guided through Ice Fili’s current internal situation and external opportunities and threats in the market by using various strategic models. Out of the combined information a number of strategies will be highlighted with a final recommendation and contingency plan. Internal analysis The internal analysis is being done using the business model canvas and the value chain model. Company target, mission, and vision Ice Fili may adopt the following into their strategy: a. Target: Increase market share with 2% in de coming year b. Mission: To maintain a dominant position within the Russian market c. Vision: Ice cream from Ice-Fili on every kiosk and dinner table Currently there is no clear target, but a target should be set in order to know where you want to go. A 2% market share increase is a good starting point. They should maintain their dominant position and expand upon it by pursuing their vision. Now let’s take a look at Ice Fili’s current business model. Business model canvas (Osterwalder) Ice Fili’s business model is typical of a product manufacturing company as seen in detail on the following page. Their target is the mass market where t hey intend to deliver a ‘happy treat on the go which puts a smile on your face’. They rely on indirect distribution with Kiosks (Mini markets) , raw material suppliers and freezing equipment as their key partners. Income is generated mainly from
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