Middle Class China Summary

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1. Who do you think is the audience for this reading? What is the reading’s purpose? I think that the audience for this reading is people who own businesses, or plan to start a business. The readings purpose is to explain the different ways in which the middle class purchases goods, and also classifies the different levels of the middle class. Based on what level of middle class that the consumer is on, will greatly influence the amount of money he or she will spend on a product. 2. What criteria, in addition to income, do the authors say are important to understanding the consumer habits of middle-class China? Some other criteria that influence the consumer habits are age, the stage in the consumer’s career, and the location of purchase. Also, the consumer’s emotion and shopping experience is another influencing factor. Consumers also exhibit distinct buying behavior based on their occupation and level of career development and emerging social status.…show more content…
What kinds of evidence do the authors use to support their points? Give at least two examples. How persuasive is their choice of evidence? The author stated that when products are relatively inexpensive, income has little influence on the consumer’s decision making process. He used the example that when the consumer decides to buy chocolate, that depends significantly more on the consumers’ emotion and shopping experience, known as a store’s ambience. The author used the Chinese badminton industry for an example of how the players normally only play that sport to make friends or develop business relationships. The author says that this just shows how they use their socialization to increase their buying power, and they have disparate life stages. I believe that their choice of evidence is very

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