Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Review

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Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind Movie Review Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the second collaboration by Gondry and Kaufman. With Eternal Sunshine, although it still may be too strange for some, Kaufman and Gondry created a beautiful, touching and realistic portrayal of a relationship gone awry. By realistic, I mean the realistic, flawed relationship of Clementine (Kate Winslet) and Joel (Jim Carrey. I won’t reveal the plot yet, so think of it as a little preview. To try to summarize the plot of a Charlie Kaufman-scripted film is a tricky endeavor. His dark, clever scripts' charm lies in the fact that they often stray so far from the run of the mill, Hollywood storyline. Nevertheless, I shall try to give a short rundown. Joel is going through an immense depression after the demise of his relationship with Clementine. After a fight, Clementine has left him and refuses to answer his calls or respond to him. When he attempts to visit her at the Barnes & Noble where she works, he finds she is already dating another guy. Beyond that, Clementine looks at Joel as if she's never seen him before in her life. When Joel tries to figure this out, his two friends, husband and wife Rob (David Cross) and Carrie (Jane Adams) show Joel a card they got in the mail from Lacuna, Inc. saying that Clementine has had their relationship erased from her mind. Joel goes to Lacuna to explore the situation further. Lacuna has developed a process where they can tap into and then erase the painful memories of their clients. Clementine has erased her entire relationship with Joel. Distraught and hurt by her actions, Joel decides to do the same thing himself and have Clementine erased from his own memory. The thing is, after Joel begins the process, he realizes that he doesn't want to lose his memories of the relationship, that what they had, albeit flawed, is worth fighting
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