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Gene Faucella Film Appreciation Tootsie by Sydney Pollack 03-17-15 Question 1 At the start of the film, Michaels Dorsey’s character is deftly sketched. Michael Dorsey seems to be a very difficult actor despite the fact that he is good at acting. No one in New York or Hollywood wants to hire him because he has a very bad reputation. In an early montage, Dorsey can be clearly seen trying to audition for numerous plays where he is either too young or too old, or too short, simply not the right guy for the part (Ebert 780). In other cases people find it very impossible to work with him. Dorsey is also seen trying to teach his craft to some young wannabe actors, and working at a restaurant in order to try and pay his bills. While conducting workshops on acting and improvisation, his students are hanging on every word. This is because he can get a job as an actor. He has a hilarious argument with his agent and he simply tells him that “No one can hire you” (Ebert 780). The next time Dorsey can be seen drag walking down the street to an audition to a soap opera part that his friend, Terri Garr, was unable to land. So intent is the chauvinist director that Dorsey meets at the audition. The director is so intent on casting a woman who…show more content…
The soap opera’s producer tells Michael/Dorothy “You are a breakthrough lady for us, Dorothy. You’re your own person” (Ballon 62). Even though Dorothy seems to have a strong woman character, he seems to victimize women as well. She always casts them as weak, unassertive, roles that amplify our perception of women as beautiful but weak in their real lives. Only when Dorothy appears, does the breakthrough occur, meaning that it is male-initiated. At the end of the film, Michael and Julie can be seen walking down the street arm in arm and it is evident that Julie’s directionless life has been saved by Michael’s

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