Est1 Task 1

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EST1 Task 1 A. Evaluate Company Q's current attitude toward social responsibility. The company’s current attitude toward social responsibility isn’t responsible at all. The fact that they are willing to allow food to be threw away that could be given to a food bank illustrates the company’s unethical approach to social responsibility. Placing profits above people isn’t socially responsible but is rather sociopathic and a microcosm of the larger problem that entails the current Capitalistic system that is used across the world. Company Q, is displaying a common capitalistic mind-frame that many companies engage in wherein they would rather focus on lost revenues than assisting the less fortunate. It’s troubling that the company wouldn’t donate day-old products to a food bank. The company does offer some organic foods, and this could be conceived as socially conscious if the food is obtained from traceable sources that are environmentally friendly growers. This social responsible act is overshadowed by the company’s decision to leave the inner city areas because of alleged loss of profits. Many inner-city communities lack quality health-conscience items and rely upon corner-market stores to obtain any semblance of fruits and vegetables. If Company Q would have remained in these communities, it would have provided a nice alternative to the unhealthy options that these inner-city communities needed. It would have been a socially responsible act to engage in. B. Recommend three actions that Company Q could take to improve the company's attitude toward social responsibility. The company should first hire new management that isn’t anti-poor as the current management apparently doesn’t have any compassion for the less fortunate. The fact that the company is willing to throw away food rather than give it to a food bank places the company in the context of social
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