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Ethics Program Kimberly Blagg EST1 February 23, 2015 WGU Ethics Program Company X has a code of ethics guides with all managerial decisions, creating a common framework upon which our company finds all decision. Company X will contribute to creating a cohesive understanding of the boundaries of the enterprise. Company X will provide a well-communicated code of ethics that will help to protect the company’s reputation and legal standing. Company X has four acceptable standards and procedures. 1) Responsibility-You will be accountable for our duty or task that you are required to do or expected to do. You should do something that you think is right because it is morally right, legally require. 2) Respect Coworkers-You must show…show more content…
Confidential information about incidents that involved you or events you have witnessed. All employees will have an opportunity to stay anonymous when they report incidents of discrimination or sexual harassment. A hostile workplace, Internet abuse, theft of company property, violation of company break/lunch hour/work week policies, or professional misconduct. *We will punish unethical behavior with individual actions such as time off, also demotion or termination to show that Company X ethics is our urgent priority. *We will have a system that will reward our employees that present such behavior with promotions and wages. Company X encourages all employees to report such unethical behavior by designating a person who will confidentially listen to complaints and act upon the reporting. We will follow the processes for auditing employee misconduct. *We will keep a record of all comments and all evidence related to a complaint or alleged incident. We will conduct interviews with a leader and other workers before talking to the alleged offender. We will review what kind of actions were or not taken against employees with similar…show more content…
*We will discuss how findings might affect Company’s X why to making decisions. *We will look at positive ways and also harmful ways to implications of potential results and identify different ways for Company X program to improvement. We will improve the ethics program after implementation. *We will follow-up refers so that Company X support users would need throughout the evaluation process. With this step, it refers to the support users need. After receiving the assessment reports and beginning to reach our conclusions and justify the conclusions. *We will remind employees of Company’s X intend to users of what we have learned *We will help employees by teaching them what we have learned to prevent misuse of results. *We will prevent employees giving lessons on what the company learned from becoming lost or ignored in the process of making complex or political decisions. Reference: Reference: Reference:

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