Analyze Interwest Healthcare Corp.

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1. What are the potential sources of the problem? Potential sources of inaccurate data entry can be lack of concern by employees for accurate entry, lack of understanding about results of inaccurate reporting, and lack of knowledge of how to properly enter data. Also a look at the relationship between the data entry employees and management and general poor attitudes toward each other. 2. What information would you like to analyze? The economic view of behavior suggests that a review of the incentives for employees. Upper management, the corporate finance employees, have a strong incentive to want accurate reporting for auditing and grant purposes. Review and analyze a strategy to carry that same incentive down ward to the data entry employee, for more accurate data entry. The relationship between employees and their direct managers as to try and ascertain why lower level employees feel as though upper management does not care about them. 3. What actions might you recommend to increase the accuracy of the data entry? I would suggest the following: Training for all data entry employees and their emendate managers. The training should cover how to enter data correctly but also the importance of accurate entry. The goal of this training should be to tie in the effects of inaccurate data to the loss of an employment due to lack of federal funding. I would also suggest an electronic tracking program that follows the inputs of every employee, which would allow the managers to follow the data entry to the employee who entered it. This program would be an incentive based program to allow managers a way to track which employees has accurate entry and which employee might need more training. The program’s purpose would be to hold employee’s accountable for their data entry actions. If there is room is the budget an incentive for accurate data entry could
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