Essay On Preschool Program

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In today’s economic workforce, many workers who lack a quality education are suffering. Unfortunately, millions of people struggle to survive and provide for their families because they are stuck in a low paying job position because they do not have the proper education or learned skills to advance in the workforce. If there was a potential solution to this problem, why would anyone not try to seek it? The solution starts with preschool. Depending on the preschool program, one can potentially be more successful and prepared for higher education, thus leading to a more sophisticated career. There are many options to examine when choosing a preschool program for a child to attend, considering every program has a different philosophy for teaching students. One of the most efficient preschool programs is the Montessori approach. While the Traditional preschool program has the most students enrolled in the United States, the Montessori program has a more academically, socially, and emotionally beneficial structured learning environment, and should be the new “Traditional” program approach. A study for the…show more content…
The conclusion of the study was that early Montessori education had a long-term impact on later public school performance”(Cavegn). By way of example, parents who may be questioning the transition between a Montessori preschool to a traditional public school can view these results, and feel confident that the Montessori preschool program can potentially be the most effective and influential option for a preschool child’s higher education. Skills that are inevitably learned through Montessori, such as leadership, independence, socialization, respect, etc. further develop students’ education, and allow them to surpass other students who lack a Montessori education, in terms of test scores and grade point
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