Essay On Gun Violence In America

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Gun violence in the USA Based on the latest events, which would be the recent school shootings, you might think that it is often exposed younger individuals with a missing ability to contain their anger and frustrations that end up with being the cause of gun violence. The children who are re-sponsible for these school shootings are often poor when it comes to social relations. Bad parenting and bullying could be examples to why a child could be stressed and out casted enough to perform such an action as killing other people. When given the possibility these young people can, in the moment of frustration, exploit the law in such a way that it leads to murder, for example through school shooting. One of the main reasons to why such events as school shooting does not appear to happen as often in other countries might be because the USA is the only country with so loose weapon-laws, where it is relatively easy to get your hands on a deadly firearm. Even a child could with ease get hold of a gun, for example by finding one of their parents’ in their house. Making them capable to be the cause of…show more content…
In Americas past it is clear that the indigenous people who lived in USA before the immigrants took over. The indigenous people were hunted down and the people of USA were forced to carry weapons to protect themselves. Many wars made it a matter of course to keep oneself armed at all times. This has been handed down from generation to generation and still today; the citizens feel a need to be armed, to protect themselves. This fear fuels the need to be armed, which hasn't changed in many years. Even though Obama and a part of the American government is trying to reduce the gun laws extent, and prevent more incidents, as school shootings. It is still happening. Because, as the gun law is at the moment, there are very few precautions, which can stop such incidents, metal detectors will not last in the
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