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Hello, I’m Nhu. Now, I will tell you about the definition of corporate culture. But, before going into the main issue, I’d like to draw your attention to a quote, Professor Ethan Bemstein of the Havard Business School explained in a discussion “Culture is the glue that either keeps us doing things well or keeps us doing things poorly”. So, we can see, in business, culture plays a crucial and extremely important role. It contributes greatly to the performance of all employees in the company. If a company has a weak culture, it has a great impact on its productivity, competitiveness and survival. It’s important, but, any of you have ever find the true meaning of the term “culture”? In the most general sense, culture is all material values and spiritual values of human. Or in a more simply way, when it comes to culture, you might immediately think about: how people dress? Or how they behave? It’s true, but it’s just a small part of culture which we can observe. And I think we should understand culture in a bit more specific way than we did before. According to Schein, there are three levels of culture: observable artifacts, espoused values and basic underlying assumptions. As you can see on this screen, like the iceberg, there are only some aspects of culture which lie above the surface of the water. And…show more content…
To help you understand more about corporate culture, I’d like to present 4 types of this one, in turn, they are Adaptability culture, Achivement culture, Involvement culture, and Consistency culture. The first type of corporate culture emerges in the unstable environment. It requires members in an organisation to quickly react to opportunities. Managers also actively create changes by encouraging and rewarding creativity, experimentation, and risk taking. Employees have autonomy to make decisions and act freely to meet new needs. What is remakable is that Adaptable culture values the flexibility and autonomy of

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