Mgt 521 Team Leadership Paper

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Team Leadership Danny Moats MGT 521 September 28, 2013 Kurt Meyer Team Leadership Bringing multiply personalities from over the country together can challenge some of the best leaders around. Leaders and leadership have been around for thousands of years. The leadership personalities, styles, and techniques have changed, but the results are the same. Some of the world’s most respected and inspirational leaders have led some of the most diverse culture imaginable. Some leaders possess a natural ability to influence and lead based on personality, where other must develop the leadership traits and skills. In business a vital aspect of a successful and respected manager possesses the ability to bring workers from different countries, religions, genders, and races together and merge his or her personalities together to work for one common cause. With the addition of the new department, I have assembled a team of professionals that I believe can work well together and who can make the department successful. To find the best fit of employees for the department workers participated in the Jungian 16-Type Personality test. The results of the personality test give management a tool to find the best fit for…show more content…
The ISFJ personality will fit well within the department because he or she fits better in a supervisory position. Because the ISFJ personality is willing to make the necessary sacrifices for the greater cause, he or she is dependable and well suited for a possible management position. One theory that applies to ISFJ personalities are that they are typically loyal employees tend to abide by the established rules and regulations. ISFJ personalities also tend to lean toward giving more than what is asked from him or
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