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Overview on the skill Conflict Resolution in Project Management The cause of the original conflict may develop out the tiniest little issue but if not managed correctly it can grow and bring your project and working environment to a halt until its resolved. The skill of spotting conflicts and resolving problems before they impact on the workplace or the project a team is working together on is a valued skill. But it can be a thankless job, in my opinion if you will have to have strong personality and an ability to think outside the box ie the ability to apply lateral thinking to find solutions. This maybe a role suitable for you because you’ll enjoy doing the role of pace maker when people fell out or you knew how to negotiate outcome solutions…show more content…
Avoiding the conflict: Maybe a risky strategy this taking a position and pretending nothing is gone or going wrong and that all is fine, often referred to as stonewalling the issue, this approach is taken in the hope will sort it without any intervention from a third party. Not the best approach, this withdrawal and avoidance method would seen as a very weak approach to resolving the conflict and unlikely to succeed long term. 2. Giving in: This could seen as another weak approach while it may solve the problem short term it will only lead to a power struggle within the company where one party has the upper hand in the situation where they become over dominate, which may lead to bulling in the workplace long term. 3. Stand Your Ground: This method can be view in two ways strong / brave or confrontational approach, this usually leads to a possible argumentative and hostile atmosphere within the project or working environment but sometimes is the only way to get the issues resolved. 4. Compromising: This is possible the second best approach for all parties where there is some give and take on all side involved in the conflict. The approach uses the method uses negotiation, consideration, and acceptance; all parties have to work together to find the resolution and look at the bigger picture that outside the project team or working

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