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Initially, the arts were normally reserved for many formal, religious occasions, and were never really practiced for leisure under the British crown. In Colonial America however, there were schools created for the earliest of choral societies, and the most famous of musicians of the time period stressed the creation of music for self expression and leisure. Traveling operas were created; actors performed stage shows, and entertained the colonists from town to town. Due to the harsh climate that the early settlers endured, music became a welcoming escape, and an attractive hobby that many took up for themselves. The creation of arts and crafts became a trending sensation in Colonial America. While many were not formally trained, the settlers began to teach themselves by painting their surroundings. Silversmiths became popular as gold sculptures, and jewelry ware in high demand. Additionally, the architecture of Colonial America closely resembled the large scale of English buildings. However, the small compact houses in New England, the plantation style houses in the South, and…show more content…
The puritans believed that all of their colonists should be properly educated, which was spearheaded by the teachings of the bible. However, education initially was to be reserved towards high ranking, male officials. It was not until the 18th century that colonies expressed an education of medicine, business, fine arts, and encouraged travel to Europe and expand their knowledge of the world. Works Cited American Colonial Architecture. 2012. 11 11 2012 <>. Education In The Colonies. 2000. 9 11 2012 <>. Hildebrand, Dave K. Colonial Music Institute. 18 08 2001. 20 11 2012

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