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Art/Architecture Since Ramses II's began his reign, art and architecture have flourished here in Thebes. Pharoahs spend so much money on creating such incomparable architecture because they want to honor Egyptian gods and show off their wealth. Theban citizens, as well as the Pharoah, enjoy having spectacular buildings as their homes. The more wealthy citizens have a beautiful single-story house, along with a main gate and a huge courtyard. On the other hand, peasants make do with very little property and a small hut made out of mud bricks. Not only are the homes of wealthy Egyptians magnificent, but temples are too. Theban temples are usually made in honor of Amon-Re, including the Temple of Karnak and the Temple of Luxor. Built in Thebes near the Nile, these Temples were used as a place of worship and sacrifice. Amonhotep III began the construction of Luxor, whereas Tutankhamon completed it. Ramses II added 134 columns to Karnak, increasing the holiness of it. Temples are filled with elaborate paintings of everyday life, and statues of the Pharoah or gods to honor them. Egyptian statues are made by creating a mold out of clay, adding metal to it, and then chiseling off the clay. Other than creating statues, Thebans were talented at carving, the making and designing of jewelry, and painting. On the walls of tombs, especially Pharoahs, the main events of their lives were painted there so that the "ka", or eternal soul, would recognize its body. All forms of Theban art were established to reflect past events or to honor the gods or the current

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