Essay On Attitudes To Race In America

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Section A Attitudes to race in Obama’s America In many years black people have been racially depressed by the white people. The white people felt that they where superior, because of their skin color was better than the skin color that the black people have. Discriminating the black people used to be alright in the public, but by the years it’s no longer accepted to discriminate any race. Although in nowadays there is some discrimination indirectly. 1. Give an outline of the different attitudes to the situation of African Americans. In the first text “Black is being seen in whole new light”, we see how Yolanda feels about the changed aspect on black people after Obama got elected. Here she describes that black people wasn’t visible before the election, where she now feels that she is more visible after the election, when she walks among white people in the streets of Washington. An experiment based on implicit racial prejudice, shows that white students began to be less prejudice on black people. It gains a person’s self-esteem when the person gets acknowledged, admired, and noticed. Even black children gained their self-esteem after the election. It was shown from the experiment where the psychologist Kenneth and Mamie showed, that black children began to choose a black doll to play…show more content…
It starts at kindergarten where the columnist Walter Bacstrom sees that a kindergarten was reading a book about slavery, instead of learning numbers and the alphabet. This gives the black kids a feeling about being a victim and being judged on behave of their skin color. Walter got a question of his friend about why black people don’t smile, and he couldn’t respond the question, but it made him think that it could be because of the media. The media makes us prejudice. He means that people like Barack that smiles a lot makes white people safe to be around
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