Erb - Obama and Romney Analysis

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This paper is the analysis of the humoristic and somewhat political video “Epic Rap Battles of History - Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama”. In this video we have several metaphors and expressions that have a link to other texts and/or events. My aim is to unveil those connections and why the writers chose these lyrics and not some other. The battle starts with an incredibly stilted speech, as expected from two major and expert politicians. However, later on, this stilted speech and the battle itself dissolves into childish bickering. I’ve structured this paper in a simple and effective way: first the whole lyrics, divided by who says who, and then the analysis in itself, with the analysis of the lyrics after each line. There were no major difficulties. Of course some research had to be done, due to the political content of the lyrics, as well as some expressions used that were metaphors or euphemisms to things that happened in the campaign or in the lives of the participants. Lyrics - EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY - MITT ROMNEY VS BARACK OBAMA Mitt Romney: I'm not gonna let this battle be dictated by facts I'm rich! I got fat stacks and super PACs We all know what went down in that 2008 election You're a decent politician with a winning complexion You're all Barack and no bite, been no change and we're all still hoping That you'll shut your mouth, but like Guantanamo Bay they're both open You're from the windy city, where you're looking pretty with your blowhards But come January, you'll be left evicted and with no job Raw rhymes stronger than my jaw line when I spit a phrase Knocking you harder than front doors in my old mission days You see this silver spoon, this dug Mass out of debt Took you four years to drop unemployment down below 8%! You feel that Barry? You're old news, everyone's having doubts And your rhymes are as weak as this economy

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