What Are The Pros And Cons Of The 2012 Presidential Debate

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Presidential Debate 2012 Tuesday’s debate was punchy between President Obama and Mitt Romney. The debate opened with testy exchanges on energy in which the president accused Romney of ignoring renewable power. But Romney, too, attacked Obama for allowing over rising gasoline prices and faking support for fossil fuels. What was out of the ordinary was that, in the last Presidential Debate, Romney had been the aggressor while Obama was calm and not as irritated. In my personal opinion, I think Obama showed that he can lead the U.S. even in crucial times and that he will fight for us and still manage to keep a positive attitude. In the other hand, Romney in both Presidential Debates showed aggressiveness and bad-temper. If he cannot keep calm in a debate, I think he would not be able to keep a positive figure for the people. Mitt Romney was a good debate but was not clear on the details. When a Jeremy, a 21 year old college student asks, what can be insure, if he’ll be able to pay his loans after he graduates. Romney talks…show more content…
Instead, Romney used his time to rebuke Obama and did not express his position as much. “Why am I lowering taxes on the middle-class? Because under the last four years, they've been buried,” Romney said. Even though, Romney tried to overcome Obama; Obama fought back better than the last presidential debate. When Romney attacked Obama for hindering the use of coal, the President recalled an appearance of Romney as governor of Massachusetts, where he vowed to shut down a coal-fired power plant. He also referred to Romney’s tax plan, the fact that the Republican presidential nominee paid a lower rate on his millions than ordinary working-class does, the fact that Romney has invested heavily in China. Romney went at Obama with almost the exact same. “…have you checked your pension?” Obama responded “I haven’t looked at my pension; it’s not as big as

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