Environment: a Source Of Pleasure And Discomfort Essay

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The environment can be a source of pleasure and discontent. How is this shown in the environmental poetry you have studied. Everyone views particular things in rather different perspectives; some in rather positive views and others in a negative scheme. The way we see things can also determine the affect things have on us. The environment has the ability to give us numerous feelings, good and bad. Evidence of such, is visible within the environmental poetry we have studied in class; Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’, Slessor’s ‘William Street’, Thiele’s ‘The Improvers’ and Wright’s ‘A document’. There’s the positive outlook on the environment which is displayed in Daffodils and William Street, and how the environment gives this pleasure and how it’s then passed to the reader. But there’s also the alternative, in the poems; The Improvers and A Document, it conveys how the environment can cause the feeling of discontent from a conservationist point of view. Environmental poetry can not only bring discontent but also brings pleasure and joy. When the poem focuses on the beauty within our environment it has the ability to affect our thoughts and feelings in a positive way, giving readers the feeling of pleasure. Wordsworth’s poem Daffodils and Slessor’s poem William Street, are great examples of how environmental poems has the power to convey this feeling of content within our environment, on both sides whether it be natural or built and the appreciation we receive from it. Firstly the appreciation of our natural environment in the poem daffodils, allowing the reader to visualize this scene of reminiscence being portrayed in a positive outlook. As Wordsworth describes the environment as “golden” and continuously repeating the size of the scene, “...saw a crowd”, “A host...”, “continuous as the stars...”, “...stretched in never-ending line”, “ten thousand saw I...”.

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