Henry Wilson Distinctively Visual Analysis

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Distinctively visual.... Distinctively visual uses the universality of visual techniques to make connections between the text and the audience. This then provokes the audience into reflecting upon the deeper meaning of the text. This allows Henry Lawson to communicate with his audience through the use of powerful images. Henry Lawson’s purpose in composing his short stories is to portray the hardships endured by his characters in overcoming life in the Australian bush. The audience is able to make connections with the text through the use of visual techniques which open the reader to the composers’ point of view. In this case, the courting days of the young men in Joe Wilson’s Courtship and the hard life that a woman has in the Australian outback bush. In the orientation of Joe Wilson’s Courtship, Lawson uses second person perspective. The narrator directly speaks to the reader. “There are many times in this world when a healthy boy is happy”. This technique creates a sense of directness and familiarity, allowing the composer to create a deep connection with the…show more content…
In Joe Wilson’s Courtship, Lawson conveys Joe’s strong emotions by giving his heart a human characteristic. “And, my heart gave a jump.” The way that Lawson portrays his characters emotion is very visually helpful through the use of personification, allowing the audience to further understand and reinforce the image from the emotion that the composer creates. In the Drover’s Wife, Lawson uses personification to reflect the landscape; to reinforce the tone and dry typical Australian outback. “She-oaks ‘sighing’ on the creek bed”. This visual image also provides a little bit of relief to the ear from the dry tone in the eye in the view. Therefore through personification, Henry Lawson creates a deeper connection with the audience, and the outlook on the Australian outback and its

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