Romantic Artists, Musicians, And Writers From 1800 To 1850

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FRQ #4 Discuss some of the ways in which Romantic artists, musicians, and writers responded to political and socioeconomic conditions in the period from 1800 to 1850. Document your response with specific examples from at least two of the three disciplines: visual arts, music, and literature. In the 1800s society changed completely. The Industrial Revolution changed the economy, families, and political situations between social classes. Romantic artists, musicians, and writers were people in society who expressed their views with an emphasis on feeling, emotion, and experience. They viewed nature as an extreme power full of beauty and uniqueness. Their admiration for creativity plays an important role in the way they express. Romanticists didn’t like the materialistic things in the world. Romantic artists, musicians, and writers responded to the social, political, and economic changes in the 1800s by conveying their feelings and views in the work they were creating. The Romantic musicians of this time admired the ability music had to communicate deeper understandings without words. It created a level of passion and power that could not be reached by others. An important musician of this time was Beethoven. His music was alive with…show more content…
They used nature to express the ideas they had and troubles going on in society. The painting of storms and ruins from William Constable and JMW Turner (The Cornfield, The Fighting Termeraire) gave us an example of how they viewed the revolutions taking place and what it was doing to the rest of society. They showed nature as something dark or confused, which examples on what they were thinking about the Industrial Revolution and changes taking place within social classes. Nature is an unpredictable power, just like the way the government is with the rest of the people. Paintings were powerful because they could depict any image or idea going through the artists

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