Australian And Rdquo Poem Analysis

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Australians’ Close linkage with nature in terms of entertainment and living Fishing at a beach, shearing the rams and feeding the cats are all physical activities which express the imagery of Australians’ close linkage with nature in terms of living and entertainment. Beach is an Australian cultural icon and people live and spend their leisure time on activities associated with it like fishing, surfing, swimming or beach walking. In “The Tailor Fisherman”, the poet stands at the beach fishing with other tailor fishermen at dusk. The use of an allusion to nature to a dangerous Australian native marine life in the verse “They nod with respect to the Portuguese man-o’-war” implies the fishermen’s extensive knowledge of Australian marine life. This further demonstrates there is a sense of understanding, admiration and fearful respect that Australian feel towards nature. Furthermore it is the unique natural environment of Australia which provides them with a variety of activities which fulfils their needs of entertainment. Similarly in Australia nature has also fulfilled people’s emotional…show more content…
This is shown through interaction between the old women the cats. In the beginning the cats are described as “outlaws” , the use of metaphor here implies people’s ignorance towards them. They are underdogs abandoned by the society. However “They think she is a princess out of a tower, And so she is , she is trembling with love and power”. The use of fairytale allusion in “a princess out of tower” is symbolic of the caring and kindness of Australian public to animals. It also indicates typical Australians’ feelings of protection and sympathy toward the underdogs. Most Australians would concede that this is an accurate and widely held vision of the strength of the Australian

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