Ap English Spoken Monologue

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Sample text 4 This text is a spoken, scripted monologue- it is a speech by a 17-year-old secondary school student (S) at a public speaking competition. The social purpose of S’s speech is to persuade people into buying Australian produce, while conveying information regarding Australian farmers, land and economy. A speech like this, at this type of public competition, would have had preparation, but the register is relatively informal; the tone is somewhat conversational and personal. As a spoken text, the prosodic features play an important role in adding meaning to S’s opinions regarding Australian produce. S varies his volume, pace and pitch at key moments in his speech. For example, line 66 “>But how could I< know\” is spoken quickly as it is more of an aside than a main statement. Line 25 “In <every (.) possible (.) way/>” is spoken quietly to enhance the effect and signal the end of the sentence. Varying pitch adds to the dramatic effect of the parallel statement, in line 18 “Our farmers\ (..) our land/ (..) and our economy/” by creating a sense of balance while maintaining audience attention as it creates a sense of rhythm and momentum. The many pauses of this text also have this empathetic effect. At various points in the discourse, the pauses have a specific role in enhancing the importance of a word or concept being explained, for example, lines 29-30 “And giving\ (..) the (.) whole (.) world/ (.) the…show more content…
Even his final comment, in which he is essentially telling his audience to “buy Australian” (line 92), the word “buy” is followed by a pause while the word “Australian” is followed by a falling intonation, this elicits a softer tone. Thereby maintaining a friendly rapport with his listeners, by being phrased as a declarative rather than as an imperative
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