Caamity Poem Analysis

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“Calamity,” by F.R. Scott Analysis Many people these days think that a calamity is a disastrous event marked by a great loss and by suffering. They see it only as a bad thing that has happened which brings a deep state of distress caused by misfortune of loss. People give up hope and simply think that it’s going to be tough for the people that were affected by such. In F.R. Scott’s poem entitled “Calamity”, he shows that a natural disaster isn’t only a terrible thing, but also as chance where people could unite together for the better sake of mankind. In the poem, a laundry truck rolled down a hill and hit a maple tree. This calamity brought the people around the neighbourhood, who usually don’t even speak to each other, to give assistance because of the disaster that had just happened. Later on, the police came and…show more content…
The author sets the mood in a happy way when a calamity should be miserable. The poet uses similes to make the tone more joyful. “Dogs barked and the children sprouted like dandelions on my lawn,” is a perfect example which compares the dogs and children to dandelions. It means that they appeared very quickly just like how dandelions grow really fast. Dandelions are also known to be happy flowers so this sets the mood in a more soothing and calming place. The poet also uses imagery to lighten the mood up. “And a jumble of skirts spilled onto the ploughed grass,” could be portrayed in a mental image of the clothes scattering around from the laundry truck. It makes the mood less tense because instead of rather describing the horrible images of the accident, the poet decides to describe the little details of it. There was also an internal rhyme in that line which was “skirts and shirts”. This makes the tone seem more cheerful and
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