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SHAKESPEARE ANALYSIS GRAPHIC ORGANIZER: PART THREE COMEDIC SITUATIONS As you complete the reading of The Taming of the Shrew, reflect on how comedic situations impact the plot development. Provide examples of comedic devices being used to show the ways that comedy impacts the events of the play and the interactions between the characters. Provide at least one example from each act. An example has been provided for you. Act | Situation | Impact | ExampleInduction | Sly is drunk and falls asleep in a public place. | Others arrive and joke about Sly being dead, but then they haul him away to make him believe he is a wealthy lord instead of a beggar. | Act one | In this act Lucencio Tranio and Petruchio disguise themselves as a servant and a music teacher to try and fool Kate and Bianca’s father for the marriages of his daughters. | These three men try to fool Baptista the father so as to marry Bianca and Kate. In disguises, these men show us a comedic advice of mistaken and disguised identity to fool Baptista. | Act two | In this act Petruchio meets Kate and they banter back and forth him with sweet words and hers with harsh mean words and she isn’t used to him talking kindly to her so she hit him but he says he will hit her if she does it again. | Here Petruchio and Kate are bantering back and forth. The comedic device used in this scene is Petruchio who is clever with his witty language to try to woo Kate into liking him. | Act three | In this act Kate is at the alter waiting to get married when Petruchio shows up late wearing shabby clothes and riding a broken down old horse that was sick. | Here the comedic device is an unexpected plot twist. People didn’t expect Petruchio to show up to a wedding in shabby clothes riding a broken down horse just to humiliate Kate to get her to submit to his every will. | Act four | In this act
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