Street Car Named Desire

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Novelists and playwrights have often seen madness with a “discerning Eye.” Select a novel or play in which a character’s apparent madness or irrational behavior plays an important role. Then write a well-organized essay in which you explain what this delusion or eccentric behavior consists of and how it might be judged reasonable. Explain the significance of the “madness” to the work as a whole. Do not merely summarize the plot. A Streetcar Named Desire revolves around a theme of progressing madness. Blanche is the focal point of the madness because she has a low self esteem and her behavior is delusional. Her delusional behavior consists of her alcoholism, promiscuity, and compulsive lying. She constantly tries to cope with the madness, but the people around her drive her deeper into a delusional mental state. Many aspects of her life; however, make her madness more excusable. Blanche’s increasingly unstable state comes to an end in her being committed to an asylum. The cause and effect of Blanche’s madness are used to bring the play together as a whole and show how madness affects everyone in the play. In A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche drinks, has sex and lies compulsively to help boost her own self esteem. Blanche’s husband commits suicide after Blanche finds him in bed with another man. The death leaves Blanch feeling lonely. Her promiscuity stems from the fact that she feels unwanted. In the play Blanch flirts with the mailman, is fired for fooling around with a student, and clings to Mitch, a man with little to offer. In addition, Blanch constantly wears cheap provocative clothing to draw men’s attention. Even when Blanche is dating Mitch she flirts with the paperboy. Her promiscuity can be seen as delusional, but is justifiable. Blanche is aging and feels that time is moving on making her less attractive. A poor self image in combination with the loss of
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