Elements Of Tragedy In Cyrano De Bergerac

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Cyrano de Bergerac a Tragicomedy Zach Hartman Cyrano de Bergerac, in my opinion is a tragic comedy. It displays tragedy in many different places with both types of high and low class characters. It also displays comedy between the characters but the comedy all comes from the main character Cyrano. At the end of the story Cyrano dies in the hands of his lover who never knew until a few moments before that her cousin, the great swordsman, story writer, and storyteller, loved her the way she always wanted to be loved. Cyrano de Bergerac is a tragic comedy because it involves all of the elements and incorporates all the aspects of a tragicomedy. The tragedy that occurs in Cyrano de Bergerac builds up throughout the story. Cyrano and Christian are vying for the same woman, Roxanne, from some of the first lines. Cyrano and Christian join alliance…show more content…
It establishes comedy very early with some of the lower class people before the anticipated play of La Clorise. Another place that it establishes comedy with a low class character is in Ragueneau. But the majority of the comedy comes from the high class main character Cyrano. Throughout the story people are making wise cracks about his nose, but no one is able to defend themselves and back up what they say. Because people are making fun of his nose he is able to provide witty humor that makes the book become a comedy. Valvert says “Ah…your nose…hem!...Your nose is…rather large!” “Rather” “Oh well” “Is that all” “Well of course.”(35-36 Act 1) But Cyrano does not leave it like this he replies by insulting Valvert and ultimately making him angry by telling him all the better insults that he could have had. He threw it right back in his face by making it a joke. Throughout the story comedy like this occurs and that is why I believe it is a
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