How Does Dickens Start to Show a Change in Scrooge Between Stave 1 and Stave 2?

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Thursday 12th July 2012 How does dickens start to show a change in scrooge between stave 1 and stave 2? In this essay I will be writing about how money changes scrooge in stave 1 and stave 2, and also how he realises people’s feelings. Scrooge is moody and doesn’t like being interrupted whilst he’s working. ‘A merry Christmas uncle!’ cried a cheerful voice. ‘bah!’ said scrooge, ‘humbug!’. The ghost shows him and his sister and starts to realise how much family made him happy, scrooge feels very happy when he sees his sister ‘so she had cried’ which shows he hasn’t seen his sister in a long time. Scrooge acts miserly and miserable when his clerk asks for a little more money for Christmas. ‘let me hear another sound for you’ said scrooge ‘and you’ll keep your Christmas by losing your situation’. The ghost takes him back to fezziwigs party, scrooge cried out in excitement ‘why it’s old fezziwig! Bless his heart, its old fezziwig alive again’. Scrooge starts to see you don’t need money to make you happy, because this party took place outside some closed party. Scrooge thinks his nephew has no right to be in love just because he’s poor ‘because you fell in love’, growled scrooge, ‘as if that were only one thing in the world more ridiculous than merry Christmas’. The ghost takes scrooge to belle and she feels as if she has been replaced my scrooges money, ‘to you, very little another idol has displaced me’. Scrooge starts to realise you don’t need money to be happy in love. As scrooge gets back to his past we can see by his reactions that he want to try and change and he is really thinking about other people’s feelings. Dickens also shows that everybody has a chance to

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