Effects Of Global Climate Change Essay

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Effects of Global Climate Change The effects climate change and weather events have on our world is immense; affecting economical, social, and especially environmental, there are both positives and negatives. There have already been observed effects on our planet. Glaciers are shrinking, ices on bodies of water are starting to break up earlier in the season, and trees are flowering earlier. Now these may all seem to be simply environmental factors, however they all cause an impact on more, such as economies and social stability. A changing climate can increase the frequency, intensity and duration of extreme weather conditions which can increase the dangers for communities and populations in areas located near natural hazards. It is more of the world’s poorest countries who are hit the hardest by severe weather events, an unfairness by the fact that it is the world’s richest countries who are the main contributors to climate change with their greater amounts of industrial emissions. The increase of greenhouse gases being let into our atmosphere is what causes the enhanced greenhouse effect, the change in Earth’s net radiation budget. A higher net radiation budget means less radiation coming into our atmosphere by the sun is being reflected or re-emitted back out, but rather being absorbed by those green house gases and therefore increasing Earth’s average temperature. A higher concentration of emissions in the air we are breathing means an increase in exposure to air pollutants and allergens, leaving people more susceptible to respiratory problems, heart attacks, strokes, and related cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer. Pressure is put on health care services by increased demands resulting from these health issues experienced due to the build of pollutants in our air. Severe weather events can result in the loss of income and productivity
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