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1. Environment – The surroundings and influences on living things including humans. In my opinion the most environmental issue today is the climate change due to pollution and growing population around the world and the impact they have on the climate, seasons and changes to the planet earth. Worldwide the population is growing and as a result for creating more living space nature has to give away. Nowadays the urban population is larger than the rural population and growing cities are using rural space to expand, sacrificing natural habitats. This in return has an impact on our environment as bigger cities are responsible for more pollution. A reduction in green spaces due to growing cities has also an impact on our environment as natural habitats are destroyed or restricted, which may result in extinction of certain species. Locally where I live there is currently a huge discussion on building new housing estates on a big green belt around the city however this will not only reduce the green space, it will also build a risk to the new houses of flooding and will have a huge impact on the local environment. Bird and nesting spaces are at risk and the plans will bring a big rise in people moving to this area. The infrastructure is not build to absorb this big rise in the population and in the long run the effects will be more carbon dioxide is exposed as more houses, more cars and more traffic will dominate the area and less green space will increase the risk of flooding due to the build-up on the land which currently floods in wet weather. Words: 262 2. A) The data in Figure 1 show that the main waste comes from the construction and mining / quarrying industry however while the waste generated in the construction industry has remained above 100 million tonnes per year, the mining / quarrying waste has reduced between 2002 and 2008 most likely due
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