Edward Scissorhands Essay

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Re-Written Edward Scissorhands film analysis essay In the film ‘Edward Scissorhands’, directed by Tim Burton, two completely opposite worlds are portrayed, light and dark. These worlds are always opposing each other, almost fighting. A good example of this is Edward himself. Edward could be said to be a light and dark character. The costume that he wears and his very gothic looking hairstyle makes him look sinister. Even though Edward is the nicest and the kindest character in the movie he is thought to be a devil by Esmeralda. The same could also be said for Jim, he does not look evil, going out with one of the most innocent people in the movie, Kim, but he is the most evil person. Lastly there are the film techniques that help us or make the viewers determine whether a character is light or dark and good or evil. The lighting, costumes or settings can make ur think about a character differently. Edward is on the light side but he is almost stuck on the dark side because that is where almost all of the townspeople think that he belongs. Edward is stuck in the middle. His costume, hairstyle and his scissors for hands, which people perceive them to be weapons, make him look like a gothic demon but really he would never intestinally hurt anyone. In the last scene he tries to save Kevin, and does by pushing him away from the van but in the process cuts his face, everyone thinks that Edward is attacking Kevin and Jim beats him up. This is a great example of Edward trying to do good but is thought of been evil. Edward is essentially stuck in Limbo, he is the nicest person in the film, but is made out to be the most evil. Jim and Kim are a prime example of two opposite worlds, Jim been dark and Kim been light. Kim is the most innocent person stuck in-between Jim and Edward. Jim on the other hand is the destructive and the super villain in the movie. He hates Edward
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