Lord of the Flies - Power

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Lord of the Flies In Lord of the Flies there is a theme of power, this book tells us that people want to be in power and people want things that have power. Some things may have more power than the people who possess them such as the conch shell. The power within you may be stronger than you think like the sow’s head. The conch was found by Ralph and Piggy on the beach while the sow’s head came about a little more gruesomely. The sow’s head was put on a stick by Jack after chopping it off of the body of a pig. While the conch shell represents something a little more peaceful and good the sows head is dark and evil and that shows in the book. The sow’s head in this book is the head of a female pig placed on a stick. This is the evil devil figure of the book. The head visits Simon while he’s alone and tells him that there is evil in everyone. Since the evil is in everyone, it tells Simon that there is no way to escape it and that it will have fun with Simon which seems to pan out to be true being that Simon dies in the next chapter. While talking to Simon the sows head says it is the “lord of the flies” which means Beelzebub the name of an evil demon in the bible. The sow’s head itself may not have a lot of power but it’s the fact that there is a bit of that evil everyone and what someone could do with that evil, is the power. The conch shell is not exactly the light of the book or the heavenly symbol but more of a symbol of civilization. The conch shell shows a sort of democratic power. The conch helped to get the boys all together when they were scattered out on the island. It also helped govern meetings in the fact that whoever had the conch was the only one that was able to talk. The conch shows that there is a sense of civilization and understanding because, in the beginning everyone understood that there was a power in the conch that
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