Who Is the Real Fool in Twelfth Night

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Who is the real fool in twelfth night? Throughout Twelfth Night, the audience comes across a number of characters that are humorous and entertaining. In this essay, I will set out who the main fool is and why and how they are compared to other characters. A fool is defined as someone who is “”a simpleton”, “silly” and “goofy”. Sir Andrew fits this description perfectly therefore he is the real fool in twelfth night. His name (“Aguecheek”) itself implies he is a character that shouldn’t be taken seriously by the audience. Aguecheek means pale face which shows he is a vile character. He is constantly being manipulated by Toby, is very slow witted and lacks wisdom. All of these things make him a very comical character enjoyed by the audience during Shakespearian times and in the present day. To begin, compared to Feste Andrew is the real fool. Fetse plays the role of the fool in Twelfth Night. In the play he is hired by Olivia to be the jester and entertain her. His name even means “the fool”. A Shakespearian audience would traditionally be accustomed to Fetse being known as the fool. However a modern day audience wouldn’t agree. Feste “liked to expose the vain, mock the pompous and deliver a few home truths”. Through this depiction it is clear that Feste is not a fool all but rather a character who is clever, witty and insightful. This is the opposite of a foolish character. Feste’s job might be the fool but Andrew is the real fool in Twelfth Night. Unlike Feste Andrew is foolish, literal and stupid. By comparing the language it is clear that Andrew is far more foolish than Feste. An example of when Andrew’s lack of wit is when he is first introduced to Maria. He takes things very literally and comes to believe her name is “Mary Accost”. This is very farcical and entertaining. As well as this, he is unable to take part in her banter and use of double

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