Eddie Mabo Case Study

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Eddie Koiki Mabo, a Torres Straits Islander, is a public figure in Australian history. Eddie Koiki Sambo was born in 1963 on Mer Island which is the largest of the Murray Islands in the Torres Strait, off Australia's north-east coast, Queensland and he changed his name from Eddie Koiki Sambo to Eddie Koiki Mabo later in life. He campaigned for indigenous land rights and led one historic decision of Australia's High Court. The decision overturned the long standing legal fiction of terra nullius, land that belongs to no one, which is characterized by Australian law regards to title and land. When Eddie Mabo was young, he was raised up by his aunty and uncle because his mother died shortly after his birth and educated about his family’s land. However he has exiled from his home as a result of a mischievous act by the Queensland Government through their…show more content…
A lawyer, who is one of the attendees, suggested claiming land rights through the court system as a test case. Eddie Mabo was chosen as a leader by the Murray Islanders to challenge the legal rights of the land in the High Court. However the court decided on the case that Eddie Mabo had no rights to succeed the land. Eddie Mabo was overwhelmed, but he kept on trying all legal procedure and he appealed it to the High Court of Australia. In January 1992, when he was only fifty-six years of age, he died of cancer. Few months later the High Court has declared its historic decision, overturning legal fiction of the land that belongs to no one. Native Title is the major decision that High Court announced. Native Title describes the interest and rights of Indigenous Australians in their land, according to traditional laws and customs. This case is commonly called Mabo in Australia and he became a public figure in Australian history for his role for the right of his

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